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Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems
Since the introduction of ultrasound, Toshiba has been at the technological forefront of this diagnostic imaging technology.
Throughout the years, our innovations have set new standards and created new applications that have significantly extended the capabilities of ultrasound.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Fischer
The Impact of Smart Fusion on the Diagnostic Outcome


Prof. Dr. Jean-Michel Correas
CEUS of the kidney: from new technology to patient management improvement


Aplio™ 500/400/300

For you and for your patients, Aplio opens up a whole new world.
Aplio™ has continually expanded its clinical applications.
It now proudly boasts a new platform.
Unsurpassed image quality using the revolutionary High Density Beamforming technology.
An ergonomically enhanced approach to navigation brought by iStyle™+ Plus, a suite of innovative clinical applications.

Fly Thru provides an internal view for visualizing luminal walls.
Smart Fusion displays a CT image and ultrasound image in synchronization.

Aplio™ 500

Outstanding image quality from a new image engine.
A variety of applications that provide value in a wide range of clinical fields.

Aplio™ 400

Outstanding image quality from a new image engine.
iStyle™+, an ergonomics concept for directly handling the image as desired.

Aplio™ 300

Unprecedented image quality, ultra-fast and straightforward 4D volume navigation and advanced wall motion assessment using Toshiba's proprietary 3D tracking technology are now a reality. These are practical innovations that help you gain greater diagnostic safety and efficiency, and your patients to enjoy greater peace of mind.


Xario200, which offers high image quality and excellent performance in a sophisticated and compact system, has been introduced in the market. Xario200 supports accurate diagnosis due to its outstanding mobility, its excellent image quality for visualizing small lesions, and its user-friendly design.

Xario™ 200

Excellent image quality with simple operation, Xario™ 100 provides high performance not only in clinics and examination rooms but also in wards and many other settings due to its outstanding mobility. This is truly a new standard for ultrasound systems.

Xario™ 100

Having introduced the world's first mass-market laptop computer, and with decades of experience in ultrasonic imaging, we have created a stunning piece of imaging equipment. Small but powerful. Lightweight, but uncompromising when it comes to image quality. A fully-fledged ultrasound system that is easy to use.


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